About Us

Da-Kre8ives is a versatile media company, involves in Custom Clothing, Music, Videography, Photography, Designs & more!

We also have artist that we are sponsering their videos and custom clothes and marketing. 

We custom and design clothes for public and inhouse to your expotise!

You can send your designs or we can create a design for you and screenshot before we print!

We also scouting out for volunteer models ages between 16- 44 male or female to model our clothing brand, keep you updated.

We print with HTVinyl or Sublimation the choice is yours!

Simply send your ideas/designs on our message contacts part, send your email and leave your name and info, we will get back to you asap. Or if its easier to contact us on facebook, then please do not hasitate to message facebook da-kre8ives or call us!

Number 07467 806300